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Animated Loader

Custom styled loaders for many kind of use.

Height and width#

Set the custom sizing by height and width props. height is required to show the loader.

<AnimatedLoader loaderStyle={{width:"100%", height:"20px"}} />


Set the custom color by color prop.

<AnimatedLoader loaderStyle={{color:"#673FBD", height:"20px", width:"100%"}} />


Use round prop to set "border-radius: 50%".

<AnimatedLoader loaderStyle={{round:true, height:"100px", width:"100px"}} />


Make the loader to show as box by isBox prop.

<AnimatedLoader loaderStyle={{isBox:true, height:"20px", width:"100%"}} />

With image#

Make the loader to show with image by withImage prop.

<AnimatedLoader loaderStyle={{withImage:true, height:"20px", width:"100%"}} />


import AnimatedLoader from "erxes-ui/lib/components/AnimatedLoader";

* required prop

loaderStyleheightstringSet the custom height
widthstringSet the custom width
colorstringSet the custom color
roundbooleanSet border-radius: 50%
marginstringGive margin (from top and left)
marginRightstringGive margin (from right)
isBoxbooleanShow the loader as box
withImagebooleanShow the loader with image
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