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GraphQL API Schema

This document explains how to work with GraphQL API Schema.

GraphQL API Schema#

To see the GraphQL schema of the Erxes GraphQL API, you should use some GraphQL graphical tool. These tools are able to show the schema, using the Instropection tool of GraphQL. You can use the instrospection queries to show the schema, but by a graphical tool is easier. Below we have some options of tools, and where you can see the schema in each of them.

Graphical Tools:#

GraphQL Playground (You can see the schema by clicking on the green button(“schema”) on the right side). Altair GraphQL (You can see the schema by clicking on the “Docs” button, which is on the left side of the “Send Request” button). GraphiQL (GraphiQL is a tool provided by the API itself, just access the {YOUR_HOST}/graphiql endpoint and make sure the server is in development mode. You can see the schema by clicking the “Docs” button in the upper right corner).

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