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Twitter integration guide

Erxes app can be integrated with twitter developer API and that means we can receive our twitter accounts DMs, Tweets directly into our erxes app's inbox.



  • Twitter now allows you to receive DM from anyone. You don't have to follow each other. To enable this option go to and select Receive Direct Messages from anyone from Direct Messages section.


  • Go to Erxes Settings => System config => Integrations config => Twitter.
TWITTER_CONSUMER_KEY="your app consumer key"
TWITTER_CONSUMER_SECRET="your app consumer secret key"
TWITTER_ACCESS_TOKEN="your app consumer Secret"
  • TWITTER_CONSUMER_KEY, your twitter developer account's Consumer Key (API Key) here
  • TWITTER_CONSUMER_SECRET your twitter developer account's Consumer Secret (API Secret) here
  • TWITTER_ACCESS_TOKEN your twitter developer account's secret token ID (API Secret) here
  • TWITTER_ACCESS_TOKEN_SECRET you should only change the domain of this env variables. This is twitter's callback url
  • TWITTER_WEBHOOK_ENV='your twitter developer account`s dev environments value'
  1. Create twitter app
  2. Fill the form with following example and create your application.
  1. Go to Permissions tab and select Read, Write and Access direct messages. Don't forget to Update settings button.

Erxes twitter integration settings.#

  1. Go to Erxes settings => App store
  2. Click on Add Twitter direct message. Click on Authorize app.
  3. Select your brand and click save.
  4. Go to Setting=> Channel=> Add new channel=> Connect Twitter integration.
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