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Mapping the customer experience throughout the entire software development lifecycle.

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Customer Advocacy Areas That Have Been Ignored (Until Now)

Customer Lifecycle Support

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The customer is being ignored when it matters most.

Customer service begins from the moment you design a piece of software. After all, what is the point of the software other than to serve your clients' needs. So you have to design the software with them in mind. That means you have your client's objectives front and center when you design the functionality and then again when you code it. You need a system to formally enforce this process and make sure that your customer's voice is the leading force throughout the product lifecycle. Erxes makes it happen.

Real, tanglible customer experience ROI through the marketing & sales process.

When you are marketing a product or when you are selling a product, how are you helping to improve customer service? Yes that process may be effective in closing deals. But just because the customer is buying, does that mean they are happy. Our research says no. Many customers feel strong armed into the purchase. So how do we ensure that doesn't happen. We measure how closely sales and marketing are contributing to our customer goals with tangible, solid ROIs.

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