Deploying Erxes & Integrating with your Software Systems

We sure make a lot of promises and talk a big game. But the real question is, how, with so many different systems across the development, marketing, and sales landscape ... can we possibly track the customer success metrics, and integrate them to come up with actionable insights. We'll show you how!

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Customer Needs  & Manufacturing

Modern manufacturing companies are facing shrinking margins and rising costs. The raw material supplies are shrinking and geopolitical challenges are making access to raw materials unreliable. This drastically increases the costs of manufacturing everything from automobiles, to washing machines, to airplanes.

At the same time, globalization and technological evolution mean that basically the same product can be produced anywhere.  Even if a better product is being made, even if the manufacturing efficiency is excellent, and even if the logistical distribution is streamlined, that is no longer enough.

That product can and will be copied. It will be outsourced to an even more efficient production and distribution system. And it will appear on the market, in a matter of weeks or months, at a significant discount.

The question then, is what can set a manufacturing organization apart. The answer is customer service. At the end of the day, customers want to feel special. They want attention. The goods they buy are just a means of getting attention from other people ... their admiration. What if they could get that admiration from the company manufacturing that good?  What if they felt like the company was design products, marketing products, selling products, and providing after-sales support with their unique needs in mind?  Then you would have a customer for life.

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Integration & Manufacturing

The challenge that manufacturers face when implementing a robust customer service system, is that they already have a lot of different systems running throughout their production ecosystem.

They have ERP, MRP, APS, MES systems running on the production side. And that doesn't count all the various analytics tool and databases they have in their marketing tech stack. And that doesn't even touch all capable to promise, available to promise, and sales interfaces that are used by the sales team to sell over the internet.

How do you get a customer service system integrated across all these systems?  Simple really. We map out the screens the workflows that are being used in your existing manufacturing systems and then Erxes works as a series of screen overlays. As the users are going about their normal workflow, popups appear asking the users to input a little bit of extra data, or to consider a different point of view. When the user completes the action, the popups disappear.

Yes, the mapping process can be a challenge ... but not for you. That's our job. And the good news is that we have worked with a huge assortment of manufacturers and their native systems already. We have worked with the big names like SAP and Oracle. And we have worked with hundreds of the smaller players. And even if you have a tech stack we are not familiar with, that is not a problem. In fact, we look forward to adding your system to our knowledge-base ... that's how we improve!

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