Following the steps in this document you can upgrade the system version.

Upgrad erxes 0.13.0 to 0.14.1

Since the current Debian installation script and CentOS installation script aret updated to 0.14.1, they can be used to upgrade erxes v0.13.0 to v 0.14.1 if you are hosting erxes on Centos, Ubuntu or Debian.

  1. SSH into your server as erxes.

  2. First, stop all pm2 processes and delete pm2 apps.

pm2 stop ecosystem.json
pm2 delete ecosystem.json
  1. Move erxes, erxes-api, erxes-integrations and ecosystem.json somewhere as a backup. Also backup nginx config file in /etc/nginx/sites-available/default and dump your mongodb.

  2. Then run the installation script as root

# If erxes hosted on Debian or Ubuntu
bash -c "$(wget -O - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/erxes/erxes/develop/scripts/install/debian10.sh)"
# If erxes hosted on CentOS
bash -c "$(curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/erxes/erxes/develop/scripts/install/centos8.sh)"
  1. Afther the installation complete, run the following commands as erxes user
cd ~/erxes-api
export MONGO_URL=mongodb://localhost/erxes?replicaSet=rs0
yarn migrate
  1. Lastly, update /home/erxes/erxes/ui/build/js/env.js, ecosystem.json and start pm2 by pm2 start ecosystem.json, and update nginx config using your backup and reload nginx by systemctl reload nginx.

    Note: We have noticed that pm2 reload ecosystem.json and pm2 restart ecosystem.json sometimes not picking up any changes to the ecosystem.json for some reason. So if you need to update ecosystem.json file, please use pm2 delete ecosystem.json and pm2 start ecosystem.json in the feature.

Upgrading from v0.9+ to the latest release vx.x.x

Breaking Changes

Env changes

  • erxes

    • REACT_APP_INTEGRATIONS_API_URL - is no longer used
  • erxes-api

    • ENGAGES_API_DOMAIN - erxes-engages service endpoint
    • RABBITMQ_HOST - RabbitMQ connection uri
  • erxes-widgets-api

    • RABBITMQ_HOST - RabbitMQ connection uri
  • erxes-integrations

    • RABBITMQ_HOST - RabbitMQ connection uri
  • erxes-engages

    • PORT - engages service running port
    • NODE_ENV - node environment
    • DEBUG - enable logging
    • MAIN_API_DOMAIN - erxes api url
    • MONGO_URL - MongoDB connection uri
    • RABBITMQ_HOST - RabbitMQ connection uri
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